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Benjamin Downing

I know it’s a small thing, but I love how they toned down the presidents heavily tanned skin and brought up the saturation on Biden. I find the importance of skin shade to be quite humorous.

By comparison this election should be like the 2020 Kansas City Chiefs versus the 2008 Detroit Lions.

I would bet every single dime I have in my bank account on the Chiefs. It’s a no brainer.

Unfortunately there’s corrupt organizations out there like… See More

You are one sad and pathetic man if this is how you go about showing you should be the preferred leader.. Keep it up... People are hating you more and more... Stop killing americans and you might get your fandom back.

How about if we start by not calling the other candidate an insulting childish name? Yes, our current president is quite mature.

I don’t want to have either as POTUS, but I think it’s dangerous to have such a huge advantage to either “side” in the Supreme Court. So, as an independent who dislikes both of these men and doesn’t trust either party, I think Biden is best for the country so that we can have better representation in the SCOTUS

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This guy took just 3-1/2 years to turn a robust economy into a bankrupt toilet. Shouldn't require any thought at all when it comes to deciding how to vote. Party vs. Country. That's what it's down to. 4 more years of Trump and this place will look like Venezuela!

I don’t understand how Biden is still in it. Could someone explain that to me. He even has charges from a country over seas on him for bribery. Plus he touches women and children. How is he still in it. Lol awesome times we are living in.

The fact that this whole campaign is all about Trump not being Biden is stupid! They both suck, but when your ENTIRE campaign and arguments are "well I am not this guy, this guy sucks" and not "here is what I will do for the country and how" it shows you the type of person he is. (Considering we always knew, I don't think anyone is surprised but it is really sad to see that there is absolutely 0 hope). Please vote for the lesser of 2 evils and vote Biden.

This is a plea for money. Thought Trump was funding his own campaign. Oh, wait--he said that last time. What has changed? Maybe he thinks 2020 will be a lost cause and he does not want to waste his own money.

This literally looks like smackdown vs raw and you wonder why every country makes fun of us.

Trump vs Biden might as well be that spider man Market News Death and obituary for August 5th 3 meme

Since this is an "Official Approval Poll", I hereby officially approve of Trump going down in such a flaming defeat that not only will the Republican Party abandon him, but even his own CHILDREN will deny that they ever knew him, officially.

Up next from our president: "Im not convinced the voting ballots weren't rigged, and only me, me who has passed the cognitive awareness test with extra points and I did the best out of everyone in the world, only I can recount them. Its only fair."

"REAL AMERICANS"? Is now the time for division? How about a leader who unites the country -- for ALL Americans -- instead of dividing it for his personal gain?

Careful what you wish for, Donnie. The "truth" would cost you the election and possibly land you in federal prison when it's all said and done. Also, get the fucking Gestapo out of Portland you ass hat.

I think if you just look at the current state of the economy and a secret police that this guy was a huge mistake and even the next qualify Republican would be a better nomination

All of us that want life liberty and justice are being silenced so all you hear is what the Democrats want you to hear and shame on the news and all forms of media, talk shows for not being neutral on all the topics and everyone’s opinions communism people wake up its happening right in front of yours eyes

What’s the point if he doesn’t believe in polls unless they end up in his favor?

He’s not going to accept the election results unless he wins, just like he said in 2016, “we’ll have to wait and see.”

you say no to this "official" and it asks you to donate to his election. The poll is rigged!

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William E Porter

No offense to either party; but we truly need a change in this country and I'm not speaking of "Republican or Democrat" We need new leader ship to take the wheel, not a loud mouth bully or someone who in all intense purposes themselves as a follower whom is out to please! We need a listener and a knowledgeable "LEADER" GOD BLESS America!

"President Trump knows that the Fake News Media will NEVER report accurately on his standings in the polls"

- translation; "President Trump knows that the News Media will report accurately on his standings in the polls and has to set up his followers to stand with him to illegally hold the presidency."